Commissioning and Production Infrastructure Operations in Middle East

Production & Commissioning
Commissioning and Production Infrastructure Operations in Middle East

Having provided well test and completion support to one of our Middle East clients for a number of years, Axis were contracted to install, commission and run production operations infrastructure.

The project required us to ensure that all procedures and processes were in place and rigoroursly applied to ensure that the plant was in a state of readiness for first hydrocarbons. The Axis Production and Commissioning team were also tasked to deliver training and competency system for our client and to provide training to their local personnel.

The Axis team supervised and delivered, within eight (8) months from award of contract, without incident, the completion of the clients well and facilities with performance testing to 10,000 BOPD and the loading of up to 50 road tankers per day whilst working at an altitude of 1,400m above sea level in temperatures that sometimes reach -20 degrees celcius.

First hydrocarbons flowered through the plant in 2015. These significant achievements were not without some challenges, which included the re-allocation of personnel to ensure operations continued without NPT or impact on continual oil export. Axis continue to provide production and commissioning expertise to support the plant and continued development of local personnel.

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