Global Oil & Gas E&P Company – Back Out Model

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Global Oil & Gas E&P Company
Global Oil & Gas E&P Company – Back Out Model

Our Client owns a field situated in UK sector of the Central North Sea which is tied back to another Company’s platform by way of a subsea pipeline bundle and a caisson riser.

Under the Client’s Field Transportation, Processing and Operating Services Agreement (“TPOSA”), the other Company were responsible for providing certain services to our Client’s field, including lift gas to the Field’s wells to support production. By providing the gas lift service to the Field there were reduced quantities of lift gas available to support production from the other Company’s wells. The result of this was that a portion of the other Company’s oil production may have been deferred.

We were called in to perform an independent, third party audit which resulted in the recommendation of a number of changes. Both the Field owners reviewed the proposed changes and requested us to implement all high and medium priority recommendations made and to use the revised model to perform the backout calculations.

To achieve this we carried out the following activities,

One of the benefits of using Axis for this type of work is our widely recognised expertise in this area; expertise that includes both expert technical knowledge of Prosper-GAP-MBAL software and the successful delivery of similarly complex brownfield asset scopes – often characterised by data quantity/quality issues.  We understand the constraints, and have developed strategies that allow us to identify and mitigate risks to efficiently ensure project objectives are achieved.  

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