Well Testing
UK Operator


Axis first got involved in this HPHT project back in 2011 when we undertook a feasibility/concept study to better understand how a well test could be planned, delivered and executed safely on this HPHT prospect. The primary objective from the outset was to provide our client with an optimal technical, commercial and practical solution to define the reservoir contribution from the HPHT prospect.  

The original well was side-tracked off the mother bore in 2014 due to casing wear damage seen below the casing hanger. The sidetrack resulted in a delay to the test due to encroaching winter weather and there were further delays due to the uncertainty of the 2014 oil price decline. The well was plugged and suspended for a number of months pending a decision to test.

The test was eventually approved in the summer of 2015 and the Axis team began planning this complex HPHT well test. After more than four years of on/off planning and preparation, the re-entry into the well commenced onboard a semi-submersible drilling rig.    


Various stages of the project were completed over a period of more than 4 years and included the following key tasks:


Reservoir pressures encountered were well in excess of 14,000 psia and good representative fluid samples were collected safely as part of the well test programme.

The many challenges encountered during this project included the planning and execution of a PLT, an uncommon operation on HPHT wells. This proved to be a particularly challenging part of the operation with toolstrings getting “stuck” downhole and changes being made to the configuration of the tool string in an attempt to alleviate these problems. Further “sticking” issues lead to concerns of overheating and the instruments losing valuable data, however after much perseverance the tool string was retrieved to surface and all data was successfully recovered. A great result for all concerned.

This project was a great success with all objectives being met safely and recovery of the DST tools at surface, with minimal loss of days. Axis have had some fantastic feedback from our client, and this project is a great example of where the Axis multi-disciplined team working together to deliver excellent service to our clients. Our operational and PT teams performed exemplary work in all aspects of the planning and execution of a complex DST.

The “switch on” and “switch off” nature of this project over a long period of time also demonstrates how we can add significant value to our clients and their operations. A number of “lesson learned” were documented and discussed with our client and the key service providers, this is important in the process of continual improvement and should ensure that future HPHT well test operations benefit from this learning.

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