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Middle East NOC - Exploration Support

Our client was challenged by the poor exploration success of a fractured carbonate/kerogen rich Jurassic reservoir target.   Although the reservoir was oil bearing only 50% of wells flowed to surface due to either low productivity and/or well construction problems.  We were asked to work closely with the client and carry out a detailed, 9 months multidisciplinary study to develop optimised subsurface interpretation-evaluation methodologies, and recommend industry best practice well technology.  Project phases included a review of exploration and offset reservoir and well data to develop an understanding of observed exploration well performance and to use the results to develop a field development methodology that could be used to optimised reservoir locations and well, stimulation and completion designs.

To achieve this we carried out the following activities:

The key outcome of the study was a 12-point strategy to improve exploration success and included recommendations on reservoir target identification and selection, drilling and well testing.  The client adopted this new strategy and included the critical findings in an upcoming well campaign.  Upon successful completion of the first well the client was delighted when production greatly exceeded expectations and was considered to be the best new well in 15 years of exploration, leading the area to be confirmed as a new field for full development.

This is an example of our carbonate reservoir experience and demonstrates the value of our integrated, multidisciplinary wells and subsurface expertise.

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