Well Test Planning and Execution, East Africa

Well Testing
Well Test Planning and Execution, East Africa

Axis were tasked to provide engineering support for the planning and execution of a well test project in East Africa. The design and equipment sourcing and manufacturing process had already been conducted by the client. A simple completion string was designed, ran in hole and set at the correct depth prior to performing integrity testing. The well was then under balanced with a base oil cushion, before the well's three zones were successfully perforated. The well was then cleaned up and further flow periods undertaken before a PLT string was run in order to establish the productivity of each zone. Once results had been taken from the PLT, the well was successfully suspended.

The project was delivered with Axis undertaking the following tasks:

The project was delivered within all success criteria, with only minor operations issues pertaining to swarming African bees and heavy rainfall. The well was suspended until such time that the Ministry of Energy has granted the relevant production license.

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